MARKDEX CFD Index Trading Earned
21.5% Annual ROI For 2012

The procedure is easy. Contact FXCM by phone or by email and let them guide you through the documentation required to set up your FXCM Asia account. Speak with them in Thai or other languages FXCM is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. See a sample account application here.

The Process

Ask FXCM for LPOA instructions on how to authorize your FXCM Asia investment account to trade in sync with MARKDEX. The process requires you to notify us before contacting FXCM Asia so we can provide you with specific data that will streamline the process for you.

Once your FXCM Asia investment account is active, it is traded in sync with our MARKDEX accounts and you can monitor the progress at your convenience via on-line and mobile connections. A minimum FXCM deposit of US$1,000 is required by MARKDEX to qualify for our linked CFD index trading.

FXCM Asia accepts U.S. dollar deposits for linked CFD index trading with MARKDEX from bank transfers, credit card accounts, and residents living outside the USA or UK. Even though FXCM does accept various currencies, it is our policy that only U.S. dollar accounts are linked with MARKDEX for CFD index trading.

No Trading Fees or Service Charges

We make money from the market, not from clients. So there are no trading fees or service charges. Our compensation is derived from return on investment (ROI). Our business model is to share the risk and share the profits with our client investors, who are also our partners.

All client accounts are individually owned at FXCM and MARKDEX has no access to your funds. We trade your FXCM investment account in sync with our own accounts and receive 25 percent of the ROI we earn for you. This is our performance-based commission for earning profit for you from CFD index trading. MARKDEX compensation is derived from creating return on investment (ROI). Our business model is to share the risk and share the profits with our client investors, who are also our partners.

MARKDEX money is at work in the market in tandem simultaneously with our client investor accounts, but client partner money is never commingled with MARKDEX funds. You always retain full control of your FXCM account in accordance with the terms agreed upon between you, FXCM, and MARKDEX.

You may opt in or out of MARKDEX linked CFD index trading at your discretion by notifying us, and you may close your account at the end of any trading day when all positions are closed and all commissions have been reconciled. FXCM has all the details on closing an account.

The MARKDEX Business Model

We designed our MARKDEX index trading and client partner business model by asking questions that every investor should ask.

Should I pay a fund manager or investment firm a fee even if they lose my money?

Risk is always present, but MARKDEX CFD index trading has no fees and never profits at the expense of our client investors.

Should I be concerned that a manager or investment firm does not believe enough in their own ability to risk their own money where they are risking mine?

Just be aware that you are the revenue stream for those managers and firms and that you are paying them to put you at risk while they are not.

Is it wise to deposit money with a firm that is out of my control and beyond accountability?

In view of recent meltdowns, full transparency, shared risk, and full accountability are the least an investor client should demand. Our client investors never deposit principal with MARKDEX and we never have access to client partner funds. Investor funds remain under full client control and scrutiny in FXCM Asia client accounts.

MARKDEX client investors are our strategic partners with their own individual accounts. Log-in to your private FXCM (NYSE) account 24/7 for full control and scrutiny of your investment capital and ROI, and to review the transparent CFD index trading history and account status.

In The Mood

Our global intelligence and experience imbue MARKDEX with a veritable pulse on near-term investor sentiment. Understanding social mood and how it shapes buying and selling behavior is just one fundamental of our seasoned and conservative trading strategy. Our mix of proprietary indicators delivers ear-to-the-ground competitive advantage to MARKDEX and our strategic-partner client investors.

Risk Management

Risk mitigation is all about oversight and management. We think of it as daily scrutiny and internal due diligence. In practice, we maintain redundant oversight disciplines at every level to monitor and manage all trading and operations activity at MARKDEX. Being highly specialized and narrow in focus gives MARKDEX enhanced control over day to day and long range trading and operations disciplines.

How We Do It

MARKDEX clients open their own accounts at the NYSE listed FXCM platform. Then they authorize their accounts to trade in sync with our own MARKDEX institutional accounts. Every client is treated equally with identical risk ratios proportionate to their principal as their accounts are traded in tandem with MARKDEX accounts.

Since there are no charges for membership, no monthly service charges, and no trading fees, MARKDEX is compensated by a percentage of the ROI gains in client accounts. We are in the market with you and our straight commission is based on ROI performance results.